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An Affordable Platform for Learning Real-Time Adaptive Signal Processing

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"An Affordable Platform for Learning Real-Time Adaptive Signal Processing", (2004)
Miguel Alonso Jr. and Armando Barreto

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a practical, economical, and useful way of enhancing an existing Real-Time Digital Signal Processing (DSP) learning kit, the Texas Instruments TMS320C3x DSK, towards the development of Adaptive Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms. Many DSP educators use this kit to provide a basic platform for learning the real-time implementation of DSP algorithms. The kit includes an assembler and a debugger for software development. In its original configuration, the kit can be connected to just one signal source and provides a single analog output, which is sufficient for the prototype implementation of basic DSP algorithms. In the last few years, however, the sub-field of Adaptive Digital Signal Processing has become increasingly important in scientific and industrial applications. As such, real-time implementation of these algorithms, which typically require more than one independent input and output, is highly desirable. This paper outlines how to develop such training platform by enhancing the popular TMS320C3x DSK with a stereo input/output module, and provides a software template and an example to aid in the software development for this enhanced training platform.