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An Auditory Evoked Potential Measurement System to Study Tinnitus

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"An Auditory Evoked Potential Measurement System to Study Tinnitus", (2005)
Maroof Choudhury, Armando Barreto and Miguel Alonso

ABSTRACT: Tinnitus is a consciously experienced ‘ringing’ sensation in the auditory system, which, so far can only be diagnosed by behavioral response. The study of Tinnitus has resulted in a number of speculated mechanisms and suspected origins within the human auditory pathway. A definitive model for this phenomenon is yet to be formulated. The tinnitus sensation is typically reported to be prominent during silence. In addition, the complete withdrawal of auditory stimulus usually precedes the onset of the tinnitus sensation. Therefore, the objective of our research is to facilitate the study of the Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) response during the silent period that ensues simulation, as well as to observe the transitional nature of the AEP. This paper describes the conceptualization, integration and testing of an experimental instrument setup for observing AEP, in order to identify possible EEG correlates of tinnitus.