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Profile-Based 3-D Face Registration and Recognition

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"Profile-Based 3-D Face Registration and Recognition", (2005)
Chao Li and Armando Barreto

ABSTRACT: With the rapid development of 3D imaging technology, face recognition using 3D range data has become another alternative in the ?eld of biometrics. Unlike face recognition using 2D intensity images, which has been studied intensively by many researchers since the 1960ís, 3D range data records the exact geometry of a person and it is invariant with respect to illumination changes of the environment and orientation changes of the person. This paper proposes a new algorithm to register and identify 3D range faces. Pro?les and contours are extracted for the matching of a probe face with available gallery faces. Di?erent combinations of pro?les are tried for the purpose of face recognition using a set of 27 subjects. Our results show that the central vertical pro?le is one of the most powerful pro?les to characterize individual faces and that the contour is also a potentially useful feature for face recognition.