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Hands-Free Manipulation of the Computer Cursor Based on the Electromyogram

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"Hands-Free Manipulation of the Computer Cursor Based on the Electromyogram", (2006)
Chin, C., and Barreto, A.

ABSTRACT: This paper describes the development and evaluation of a system that processes electromyogram (EMG) signals voluntarily produced by a user and collected through electrodes placed in the user’s forehead and temples, for the purpose of hands-free manipulation of the computer cursor. The goal of the system is to enable the user to step the cursor in two directions: horizontally (left and right) and vertically (up and down). In addition, the system allows the user to execute a “click” operation. The immediate area of application and main motivation for the development of this system is in the area of assistive technologies, to facilitate the access of individuals with motor disabilities to computers. However, the system can also be seen as a hands-free remote manipulator control in two axes.