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Polygraph realization for data visualization and analysis

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"Polygraph realization for data visualization and analysis", (2007)
Watson, H. Heimer, M. Andrian, J., and Barreto, A.

ABSTRACT: A polygraph is a tool which provides access, visualization and analysis for large amounts of recorded physiologic data. The goal of this work is to provide an open source framework for studying and detailing data. Recorded data, internal epochs, montages, and a graphic user interface (GUI) are linked together with this realization. Joining a large real time database with a sophisticated graphic user interface presented the design challenge. Each side of the equation requires connecting two unrelated worlds together. The first design issue is selecting a development software framework offering the highest level of integration plus allowing easy development in a rapid time with limited resources. The second is designing a format for real time data that converts sequential time data into an accessible database. The third is designing a channel architecture allowing expansion of the system with derived and computed virtual channels. Traces are added using data derived from measurements made on real time data.