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On-screen Pre-deblurring of Images to Enhance the Interaction Between Computers and Low-VisionUsers

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"On-screen Pre-deblurring of Images to Enhance the Interaction Between Computers and Low-VisionUsers", (2002)
M. Alonso Jr., F. Perez, and A. Barreto

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we present a means for enhancing the interaction between low-vision users and computers. The motivation for pre-deblurring of images to achieve this enhancement is that a user that has some form of visual impairment can interact with the computer in a more natural way without artificial means, such as spectacles or glasses. With knowledge of the optical characteristics of the eye, known as the "Point Spread Function" (PSF), a practical means of compensation for visual limitations not currently corrected can be found. This is achieved through displaying a pre-deblurred image, using the PSF, to the user, in contrast to the conventional means, i.e. glasses or spectacles, which use optical mechanisms to modify the image for the user. Preliminary results indicate that the method of compensation is feasible, and can be practically implemented using today's computers. This is particularly significant given that the user could use this technology on his/her PC.