Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

The Doppler-Azimuth Radar Spectrum is deconvolved in the DSP Laboratory, which also conducts research on the real-time implementation of DSP algorithms using specialized DSP chips, processing signals from biomedical transducers, applying processing to signals from biomedical transducers towards the development of alternative human-computer interfaces, and many other things. The DSP Laboratory at FIU is run by Dr. Armando Barreto.

Accordingly, there have been
two major thrusts in our activities:

1- Real-time implementation of Digital Processing Algorithms in specialized DSP chips.
2- Development of innovative DSP algorithms for the processing of specific signals, or for purpose-specific applications.

Real Time Implementations

The members of the laboratory acquire skills in the real-time implementation of DSP algorithms using specialized chips through the development of projects. The “Real-Time DSP Implementations” course in our curriculum fosters the development of these skills.

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In the area of Deconvolution of the Doppler-Azimuth Radar Spectrum, by which the spatio-temporal data obtained from a multi-element radar array is enhanced to obtain a more defined characterization of objects of interest. DSP Lab has also been involved in applied research for the local manufacturing industry.

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